Technal Services

National Network of Fabricators and Installers


Technal has a national network of approved fabricators and installers, and recognises the importance of fabrication and installation for the long-term performance of its systems.

As a subscribing sponsor of the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology and an active member of the Council for Aluminium in Building, Technal is committed to advising and providing training support for its network of fabricators and installers from its dedicated training centre to ensure standards of the very highest quality.

Technical Support for Architects and Contractors


A comprehensive range of support services is available to architects and contractors, which includes technical assistance with design development, through to the preparation of specifications.


To help specifiers in the production of faster and more accurate project drawings, CAD files for all the façade systems offered by Technal can be downloaded from the specification section of the Technal website.


Technal also responds to individual project needs through more bespoke designs for specific schemes, performance enhancements and new innovations to enhance both new and existing architecture.

Thermal calculations


Technal’s façade products are designed for superior thermal performance to help meet the requirements of the most demanding specifications.

Indicative values are based on independent hot-box tests, and our technical support service is able to advise on values for specification situations.


Inertia calculations


MX-Calcx is a specially created spreadsheet for the rapid determination of mullion and transom requirements, with the minimum of data input.

Used for simple curtain walling designs it offers a quick solution for the fabricator or estimator.

For more accurate calculations and complex designs, please contact our Technical Department

Committed to Service Excellence

Technal strives to continually improve every aspect of its business, from the design of its systems to delivery on site.


Its market leading products are rigorously tested as part of the development process to ensure they meet the most stringent standards for air permeability, wind resistance, and water penetration.


Technal customers also benefit from a strong logistics operation in the UK, to deliver products nationwide from stocks held at its distribution centre near Wakefield, and using its own dedicated fleet of vehicles.